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Q1. What is the material used in this furniture?

A1. It is a combination of pure polypropylene with recycled polypropylene.

Q2. Can I order a single piece? What is the minimum quantity one can order? 

A2. You cannot order single piece from our website because the transportation cost is very high for single piece. We would recommend that you buy at least two pieces to make it valuable for you. If you really need one single piece, please contact us on support@avrofurniture.com and we will give you a price quote for that.

Q3. Do you offer any guarantee on your models?

A3. Our products guarantee varies product by product. We offer 1-year guarantee and 3-year guarantee. Each product in its description has the product guarantee details. All product guarantee is for breakages through manufacturing defect only. This policy can be changed any time without prior notice to the customer or anybody involved.

Q4. Is this furniture environmentally friendly?

A4. Yes, our furniture is made of recycled plastics.

Q5. Where can I get my furniture replaced during the guarantee period?

A5. Please email us on support@avrofurniture.com for any replacement issues. When sending the email, please send us a picture of the breakage and also the order #. The replacement issues should be related to breakage only against the company invoice.

Q6. What is your shipping policy?

A6. We ship our parcel through different courier providers- such as DTDC, Blue Dart, FedEx etc. We are not liable for any breakage in the shipping of the items.

Q7. What is your refund policy?

A7. We will only allow cancellation of order if it is within 24 hours of ordering time. Please write us on support@avrofurniture.com or call us at 9910039125 for any cancellations request within the 24 hours window.

Q8. Shipping breakage, who will pay for it?

A8. For breakage issues, the company will pay for the reverse shipment of the damaged product only and not the entirety of the shipment. We request you to please send us a picture of the broken product at support@avrofurniture.com, also the order ID along with it. We will process your request within 72 hours of receiving it.

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